HOT NEWS: Hushpuppi Is Into Real Estate, Not A Fraudster, Lawyer Claims

Nigerian Dubai based Instagram influencer Ray Hushpuppi who recently enlisted the service of top US Lawyer Gal Pissetzky, is somewhat beginning to see value for money spent on the expensive lawyer.

In what seems like the first moves by the lawyer, news have it that Gal Pissetzky is proving to the court that his client is actually into Real Estate business and not cyber crime. 

Hushpuppi is alleged to have been involved in an international email compromised scam defrauding victims to the tone of above N168 billion. He is currently battling US FBI and International Police and the world to wash himself clean of these offences.

Well, when questioned by Forbes reporters on the state of the case and their stand on the matter, Hushpuppi legal representative stated that Hushpuppi is into legal business of Real Estate and Instagram Promotion. He further claimed Hushpuppi is legally promoting brands on his Instagram account, and that’s how he’s making his money.

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